Our Story

Blacksmith Trading Company developed out of a father-son conversation in 2017 around handmade items, specifically in brewing, distilling, and fermentation.

We started a little business with the initial goal to understand everything we could about bitters, that magical elixir, once a cure-all, that elevates the cocktail.

We also found ourselves wanting more, handmade, small-batch items. We try and support small producers, farmers markets and more. We decided to keep designing more products that we use, and collaborating with others. Sometimes we hand pick items we think you too would like and would go well with our current items.

Based in Carnation, Washington, on our lovely 6+ acre farm, our family includes a husband, a wife, 6 kids, four cows, 3 pigs, 11 chickens, 3 cats (this week), an English lab and a shepherd dog of some kind.