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About Us

Blacksmith Trading Company is a micro coffee roaster based in Issaquah, WA, a beautiful town about 15 miles east of Seattle at the base of the Cascade mountains.

We are a family-owned and run business (husband, wife, 6 kids and a black lab) with many years of coffee experience. We love coffee and we love local and handmade products. Combined we believe we have the recipe for a great coffee roasting business.

Our mission at Blacksmith Trading Company Coffee Roasters is to source the very best coffee beans that are both sustainable for the earth as well as the farmer. We roast in micro batches and deliver directly to your door or business.

SUSTAINABILITY - We believe we are providing long-term social value with our business model. By supporting the farmers with sustainable growing and harvesting practices, we believe we can have a stronger impact on the global economy while taking care of the earth in a responsible manner.

PASSION - Nothing of value is accomplished without passion. We are passionately committed to providing the VERY BEST coffee roasting techniques. We believe that when mixed with passion, your coffee tastes better!

COMMUNITY - By forging strong relationships with the farmers that provide our high quality ingredients, we are supporting real people and not a faceless corporation. We choose to invest and give to the communities that provide our beans through a variety of health and wellness initiatives.